Endurance training is really important for alpine climbing . Since 2014, I started to train like an athlete . In summer I run a lot in the mountains . In winter I do skimo and I run on treadmill in order to keep a good cardio schedule.

When the conditions are good in Chamonix I really enjoy to do lone laps in altitude. It’s the best way to discover how work the body. My favorite places to train like that are : the Aiguille du Midi north face, the Chardonnet north face, the Miages area, the Mont Blanc .

“If there is a mistake the risk of death is high.”

The Mallory Porter, the best place to train in a 1000m face. I takes me around 1h35 to climb it .

Moving alone on a glacier is really unsafe, and can be considered to something crazy. I try to chose the best conditions for this kind of training. If there is a mistake the risk of death is high… Actually I like to manage those days out with another solo climber. We take safety gear for the glaciers and simul climb without rope the route for speed.

Favorites loops done by area :

Chardonnet (always from the valley) : 1. Migot Spur. 2. Gabarrou 79, 3. Gabarrou Freuchet / Forbes, 4. Chardonnet’s South face.

Aiguille du Midi : 1. Mallory Porter ( a lot of time ), 2. Eugster , 3. Carli-Chassagne, 4. Frendo, 5. Col du Plan, 6. Fil à Plomb

Miages : 1. Starting from Cugnon to the Miages . 2. In 2014 I did alone, in a day, the traverse from Cugnon to Aiguille du Gouter. I crossed Miages, Durier, Bionnassay. I wanted to push till Mt Blanc but my shoes were totally wet, my clothes not enough warm and the weather turning bad. 3. Mettrier ridge from the valley.